The Maker


a tale of two monroes…

My story begins back in Southern Indiana. I was born in Monroe County and raised on a farm, where we grew corn and soybeans. As I'm sure you can imagine when you're a little boy growing up on a farm, you can get into some trouble. But my Grandpa Connors made sure he kept an eye on me, so he got me working in his shop with him. We built all kinds of random things, but no matter what we were building he taught how to take pride in making something by hand. 

Fast forward to my teen years. I didn't build as much. I was more focused on friends and sports. After high school, I traded cornfields for the open ocean when I joined the U.S. Navy. I saw the world as a Sailor and met some of the best people I know. And if it were not for my time in the Navy (which stationed me in San Diego), I would have never met my gorgeous wife.

Skip ahead a few more years and my time in the Navy ended, which resulted in a ton of free time. Naturally, I put a lot of effort into finding a hobby to fill said time. I tried guitar playing, fitness, biking, surfing, and the list goes on and on. I never found anything that stuck with me... Trust me when I say that I spent years trying to figure it out.

Meanwhile, after many years of living in cramped apartments, my wife and I finally bought a house on Monroe Avenue. It was the house that sparked a thought, "maybe I have enough room to build a dining room table?" To get practice, I started making cutting boards, butcher blocks and small home décor items my wife wanted. With each project, I was trying new techniques and practicing things grandpa taught me. Then one day someone said, "are you going to sell this stuff?" That question was a key that unlocked a world of possibilities, and I have been selling ever since.

Every day this business reminds me of home & working with grandpa. Every day this business reminds me that everything my wife and I are working towards really started with our house. Every goal, every dream, this business and every new product is Born on Monroe.